Meet the Team!

Here at River Hill Ranch, our alpaca family is made up of more than just alpacas. We are blessed to have an excellent team of dedicated “ranch hands” which keep our Ranch up and running smoothly. You very well may see some (or all) of these lovely faces at our market events or on your next visit to the ranch. Learn more about these awesome folks below!

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Owner/ Operator

Alvina is the crazy/weird one that started this perfectly imperfect patch of paradise. As an Air Force investigator, it was a natural fit to become a ranching, business-owning, stay-at-home Mom. Not taking herself seriously and sarcasm have served her well in the transition. Ranching and fiber arts have been  great ways for her to both enjoy and keep from killing her two wonderful children who are now reaching the age where some of that free child labor is starting to actually happen.

In all seriousness, Alvina thoroughly enjoys the lifestyle ranching provides her family and is grateful to be able to share this life with others. Read/watch videos about more of her story and passion in the various media stories about her here.



Office Manager · Communications Director

When God made Serena, he took on the personal challenge to see just how much smarts, talent, and personality he could fit in the smallest package possible. She’s been an artisan and business owner since she was 16, then found her calling and meditation in fiber arts. Her and her adorable daughter shepherd their flock of wool sheep, alpacas, an angora bunny, and an awesome collection of laying hens at Fiberculture Farm. Serena manages our online presence, represents us at Lexington Farmers’ Market, and weaves super cool wall hangings for our gift shop. And basically runs everything when Alvina is on military orders. So if you meet her, give her a high-five for us because we wouldn't make it without her. 


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Public Relations Consultant

Jennifer Wiggins doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve; she Care Bear stares it at people with her big smile and bigger laugh. She came to our Ranch Family wanting to have fun and make the world a better place. I’m glad we give off that vibe!

Jennifer is a Public Relations Professional who coordinates special events, and helps small businesses develop marketing and communication plans to fit their specific needs. Jennifer has worked in various PR, marketing and communication, project coordinating, and office management positions for start-up, non-profit, corporate, and small businesses.

Jennifer is a Girl Scout Leader and Pep Club “Coach,” but her absolute favorite moments are spent adventuring with her daughter, Avery, and coming up with new and creative ways to make the most out of each and every day ... to #makeitcount. 



Farmer’s Market Sales Associate · After School Instructor