Field Trips

Looking for a different kind of farm visit? River Hill Ranch can customize your experience to your learning objectives while having a ‘paca fun! While our regular tour provides bits of all the below topics, we can absolutely tailor your field trip to emphasize a particular area of study with discussion, games, and activities. 

Alpacas, South America, Andean Culture & History

Alpacas themselves are an intriguing creature that are fun to interact with and learn about. Use the opportunity to further study their countries of origin & the world’s oldest domestic livestock’s relationship with the Andean people.

Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Science

Goats, chickens, alpacas, dogs, cats, composting, gardening, foraging, forestry, birding, insects, flowers, wildlife: Each outing provides an opportunity for discovery! 

Fiber Art & Textiles

Do you know where your clothes come from? How are they made? Explore the content & construction of one of our basic necessities.