We're Hiring!

We are seeking responsible, positive, people persons to run vendor booths at a couple farmers' markets. Perk: you get alpaca awesomeness so you can brag about how awesome alpaca is.

Position:         Farmers' Market Sales Associate

Times:            SATURDAYs: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm                                    (RICHMOND) / 6:00 am - 3:00 pm                                                            (LEXINGTON)

                       SUNDAYs; 9:00 - 3:00 pm                                                                 (LEXINGTON) 

Locations:      Downtown Richmond Farmers' Market
                        Lexington Farmers Market

 Actively engaging the crowd to touch alpaca fiber products converts them to customers quicker.

Actively engaging the crowd to touch alpaca fiber products converts them to customers quicker.

Hiring up to (3) reps per market to allow scheduling flexibility (1-2 people working each market per week). You may apply for one or booth locations (please specify on your application which market(s) and day(s) you're applying for. Please also specify how frequently you're interested in working (for example: every Sunday Lexington market; 2 Saturday Richmond markets/month; both markets whenever needed). There are also local events that we attend, making it possible for increased hours if you're interested. Lexington is open March through December. Richmond is open April through September.

Pay:  $9/hour (LEXINGTON); $8/hour (RICHMOND) + commission after reaching sales minimums. 3 hour Training Session at River Hill Ranch and 1 full market training day at $7.25.


-          Valid Driver’s License, insurance, and working vehicle

-          Must be able to lift 50 lbs

-          Ability to stand for a long duration (sometimes up to 7 hours)

-          Good FACE TO FACE communication skills

-          Agree to comply with dress and appearance requirement 


- Load items & transport to market; you'll need a sedan, pick-up, or SUV with valid insurance &                              registration
- Unload items at market
- Set up booth
- Take photos of booth for marketing
- Inspect equipment; keep clean & serviceable
- Accomplish Food Safety Handler's Certification
- Cook simple meals
- Maintain inventory
- Use Square card reader on a smartphone (if you don't have a smartphone, we can work around that)
- Keep cash box secure
- Engage customers in a friendly manner that gains interest & encourages sales
- Become knowledgeable of alpacas, our products, & RHR operations to offer information & answer                    questions

Employees are subject to random drug testing.

Deadline for applications: OPEN UNTIL ALL POSITIONS ARE FILLED

Click HERE for application

Email completed, SIGNED application to RiverHillRanch@rocketmail.com. Unsigned applications will not be accepted.