The Felted Alpaca Vest: Comfy and Versatile!

Today I’d like to showcase one of our favorite alpaca awesome items, the felted alpaca vest. The vest is eye catching to say the least, having an intricate and detailed design which was professionally printed onto a silk fabric base, and then carefully felted over with vibrantly dyed alpaca fiber. The fineness and sheerness of the super soft alpaca allows the beautiful designs to shine through.

Not only is it incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, it is one our most versatile pieces of sustainable clothing. Being completely reversible, with over ten (and counting) ways to wear this vest, the only limit is your imagination and unique expression of style. To help give our customers an idea of how to style your vest, I’ve compiled some examples for you on this blog. I hope you gain some inspiration and enjoy wearing your alpaca awesome vest!

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