Sock-Off (Adventure v. Prevail Alpaca Sock)

Yesterday was a good day to do some side-by-side field testing of the Altera Prevail sock and Kentucky Royalty Adventure sock. Here’s what I discovered:

Both socks are awesome. My feet stayed warm. As I heated up working in the barn, my feet didn’t sweat. When I spilled water from a bucket right on the only part of my boots where it could’ve possibly found its way inside, my feet stayed warm even when wet.

My personal favorite is the Adventure sock for this reason alone: cushion. The terry loop construction has a little more loft, making it more like having mini clouds in your shoes. The Prevail sock is slimmer, giving it the advantage of fitting well from sneakers to fashion boots to hiking boots. Note: fit is what makes your socks work, so no squeezing your foot into a tight shoe!

BUT, Prevail comes in knee high (Altera calls it “Over Calf”). I do love having the extra warmth on my legs when my thermals are in the wash.

One disadvantage the Adventure sock has is piling. Piling is when tiny fibers work out of the yarn and end up balling up inside your sock. This started with my pair after TWO YEARS of wear. Solution? Pull them off and throw them away. Because I’ve had three pairs for five years and they haven’t worn out yet. Why do I have three pairs? I suck at keeping up with laundry.

Another difference depending on which way you see it: natural verses dyed colors. The Adventure sock comes in a natural tweed verses the Prevail comes in a couple colors (including pink).

So which sock wins? It depends on you! My preference is the Adventure, but my husband’s is the Prevail. Both perform #AlpacaAwesome.