Ranch Camp Info

Dear Parents of Ranch Campers,
We cannot wait to share our Alpaca Awesome summer adventures!
We started this camp to cultivate good citizens of the world that appreciate the fullness of all life has to offer: from hard work, to being still, to dancing in the rain. Going beyond passive observer by entering into a relationship with the land has created an entirely new level of experience and understanding. With our Ranch Camp, it brings me joy to extend that experience and watch your child eagerly explore, develop, and deepen this relationship.
HERE is the Ranch Camp Permission Form which must be filled out, signed, and returned to us no later than the first day your child attends camp.
Is your child friends with another camper? Please let us know by the Saturday prior to start so we can place them together.
Please note there is NO CAMP ON FRIDAY. Camp runs Monday through Thursday only.
Here are a few items to help you prepare for the start of camp next week:
  • HERE is the Ranch Camper Checklist. If you’d like recommendations for any of the items on the list, feel free to give me a call. Jeans are not recommended (chaffing is no fun).
  •  Have your child arrive to camp with sunscreen and insect repellant already applied. Full day campers need to bring sunscreen & bug spray (we prefer spray versions of both for easiest application).
  • Note that campers might end up with some of “nature” on their clothes and shoes. It also gets pretty hot, so the animals and children may get a hose down. For your convenience we do have a changing room available for use if you’d like to bring a change of clean clothing, sandals, and a towel for your child at pickup. Sending them with an extra pair of dry socks is not a bad idea either.
  • We will have water to refill water bottles. Morning & afternoon snacks will be provided during camp. We provide two snack items per snack time (e.g. a snack bag of popcorn and a fruit popsicle). If you think your child will need more food, feel free to send them with extra snacks.
  • Camp starts at 8:00 AM (campers can arrive as early as 7:45 AM). Pickup is at 11:00 AM for half day campers (campers must vacate the property no later than 11:30 AM) and 4:00 PM for full day campers (campers must vacate the property no later than 4:30). If your child needs to leave early or be dropped off late, please let us know ahead of time.
  • NEW INFO: BRIGHT COLORS ATTRACT BUGS! This has been a buggy year. We noticed last session the bugs really went for kids with bright clothes. Consider neutrals!
Please be aware there are inherent dangers present in the country and on a working farm. Your child will be taught about these dangers and be well supervised to limit the potential for injuries. Some common first aid incidents we encounter are bug bites/stings, tick bites, scratches, bumps/bruises, poison ivy rash, upset stomach, and heat exhaustion. We are trained in treating all of these. If you have questions concerning these or anything related to Ranch Camp, please call our owner, Alvina Maynard, anytime at (859) 408-5132.
In the event of inclement weather, camp will still go on. It is supposed to rain Monday morning, so a rain jacket is recommended. If there is a severe thunderstorm/weather event during camp hours, we will seek shelter in our fully enclosed barn which is rated for 200+ mph wind and our art studio which is located in a basement.
We are thrilled to share this experience with you and your family and look forward to an Alpaca Awesome summer with you!