Felt Vest- Alpaca Felted Vest

Felt Vest- Alpaca Felted Vest



These felted wearable works of art of so luxurious and beautiful! They are made from super soft alpaca fiber, dyed and felted onto printed silk. Enjoy all of the benefits of sustainable alpaca fiber: hypoallergenic, stain and moisture resistant, high performing, temperature regulating and durable. This vest is light enough for a breezy summer day, and warm enough for a winters eve. These gorgeous and versatile vests can be worn in so many ways: belted, pinned, draped, folded, pattern side out or pattern side in. Plus, they are so incredibly soft and warm. We’ve shown just ten examples here, but there are so many more ways you can find, the only limit is your imagination and expression of style! One size fits most.

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Orange, Green Floral, Light Blue Paisley, Purple Paisley, White & Rainbow Tie Dye, Pink & White


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