Meet the Boys

Photo courtesy of WKYT

Photo courtesy of WKYT

Hoo Doo Cat and Dr. Feel Good are halter trained & very well mannered (they haven't spit on anyone yet!). We can trailer them to your location where one of our handlers can be available to offer information and answer questions and/or provide a fun 15-40 minute presentation to an audience.

You can also "rent" our boys for an event (they would make adorable ring bearers at your wedding!). A handler will provide a brief training on how to walk an alpaca on halter and be available for the duration.

What's Included: We trailer 2 halter trained & socialized alpacas from our farm to your location. We bring panels to set-up an 8' x 8' pen as well as a stall mat to cover the floor if indoors. We prepare a presentation tailored to your audience and bring props to aid in the experience. We pack everything back up at conclusion, including carrying out any "presents" the boys might've tried to leave behind.

A "pull through" parking location should be available on-site. Our trailer is 12' long; we cannot be taking extra time trying to maneuver it through a crowded lot or trying to back it down a dead-end risking getting stuck. Upon arrival, our handler will meet the coordinator/customer who will walk the handler to the location where the pen is to be set-up. The area should be away from loud noise (such as speakers. Human voices are fine). Please allow 20 minutes for set-up prior to the start of the event. It is expected the customer comply with requests from the handler regarding the safety and security of our animals.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT A PETTING ZOO. While these animals are very well behaved, they are not used to being surrounded by strangers. Too much hands-on contact stresses these animals as they are used to being out in the pasture with their friends. Yes, there are alpacas in petting zoos sometimes, but those animals have been handled daily to become accustomed to it. It is normal for our boys to act nervous as they enter a new environment, but they calm down quickly. As their shepherd, if we see signs of overwhelming stress we reserve the right to cut the visit short with a refund for the remaining dedicated time. 

Price: $250 for the 1st hour; $50 for every hour thereafter.