Day Retreat

Harvest Moon Retreat
September 10, 2022

Whether you are seeking a seasonal reset or a healthy dose of self love, our Harvest Moon Retreat will provide a relaxing and introspective experience to rejuvenate your soul. 

The Harvest Moon Retreat includes:
– Pranayama (Breath Work)
– Equine Energy
– Yoga
– Fire Cupping
– Chakra Sound Therapy
– Hammocking
– Time for reflections, journaling, setting intentions
– Closing Bonfire
– Snacks & Dinner provided by Golden Leaves

THIS IS A BYOB EVENT. We will have coolers available for your use to keep your favorite bottle chilled. Water will be available and is included. 

While reading about the Harvest Moon, we came across the below which spoke to our intention in offering this experience:
“This particular moon’s closeness to the autumnal equinox means that it is symbolic of new beginnings and a door to spiritual awareness. On the other hand, with the Piscine energy of this full moon, you may experience a bit of a feeling of insecurity and a feeling like you’re being too perceptive.
In order to prepare yourself for these particular feelings that come from a Pisces sign, it’s best to try to relax. During the harvest moon, it’s best to slow down, wait, and see what happens in your life. Enjoy the beautiful September sunsets, look back at your achievements, and take a deep breath.”

equine energy

A horse’s energy can have calming and therapeutic effects. Select the horse from our herd that calls to you for some time together facilitated by an experienced equestrian. 

massage & fire cupping

Further melt away tension as a certified, experienced massage therapist does light body work and fire cupping on those tight muscles. 

Yoga with Alpacas

Enjoy yoga guided in a pasture alongside some of our friendly and inquisitive alpacas, and led by our knowledgeable and experienced Yoga instructors.

All levels of yoga are welcome.


The Retreat at River Hill Ranch

Price: $136.00

Only 28 spots available so get your tickets now!