Craft Alpaca

Add more to your visit by creating something you can take home with you! Class plus material costs are listed with each item below, along with age appropriateness. Craft classes under 1 hour are available as "add-ons" to our Alpaca Awesome Experience tour, or with a 30 minute Alpaca Encounter. One hour classes can be standalone experiences. 


Felted Soap

A scrubbie & soap in one! We wrap alpaca fiber around a bar of goat milk or soy soap, then felt the fiber around the soap. Participants can get creative with different alpaca fiber colors or adding embellishments with yarn or felt cut-outs. The felt scrubbie allows you to use every bit of the soap instead of it sticking to the tub. These make great stocking stuffers! 

Cost: $8.50/person

Time Required: 30 minutes

Appropriate for ages 5 & up. Children ages 3-4 can accomplish this craft with help from an adult.


Keychain or Zipper Pull Tassel

It won’t be difficult holding onto your keys with this super soft accessory attached: make a keychain or zipper pull tassel from alpaca yarn. Chose from a variety of yarn colors & textures to personalize your tassel.

Cost: $12/person

Time Required: 15 minutes

Appropriate for ages 4 & up. Children ages 2-3 can accomplish this craft with help from an adult.



Felt Bead Necklace

Pick your favorite colors and make felt beads with alpaca fiber. String them onto embroidery thread for a beautifully simple necklace that won’t chill your neck in the winter months. 

Cost: $30/person

Time Required: 1 hour

Appropriate for ages 7 & up. Children ages 3-6 can accomplish this craft with help from an adult.