2017: WHOA. This year is going to be BIG.

THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much to all our customers & supporters.

Thank you to Kentucky State University and the Kentucky Ag Development Board for enabling us to purchase our own fiber processing equipment and a trailer to support our meat business. Thank you Kentucky Center for Ag & Rural Development for your stellar services. Thank you Downtown Richmond Farmers Market for another great year. Thank you Lexington Farmers Market for allowing me to become a member. And my favorite: thank you to all our customers, new and especially returning, for making this dream possible!

Because of you and some prayers answered, we have so much alpaca awesomeness in store for 2017! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates!

First big announcement: RANCH CAMP! Would you like to learn how to grow clothes? Have a grade school-er that would have a blast getting their hands dirty, making friends with a chicken, and exploring the countryside? Dates are set for June 12-15 and July 10-13, 9:00 – 12:00. Open as a day camp for grade school, kids over 18 years old, and preschoolers (ages 3-4) with a paying adult camper. Daily and week rates as well as discounts for multiple family campers will be offered. Registration & more info will be released in March! 

Our event calendar is starting to fill up! Starting this week with our first event of 2017:

Jan. 27-28: We’ll be set up at the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference in Lexington

Feb. 4: Offering Alpaca Awesome Chili for Sampling Saturday @ Good Foods Co-op! Come get a taste & the simple crock pot recipe or just grab some ground alpaca for sweet nachos on game day.

Feb. 18: Alvina will be at the Univ. of KY Small Ruminant Grazing Conference in Elizabethtown (registration required)

Feb. 23: Presentation on Animal Textile Fiber Production at the Eastern KY Farmer Conference (registration required)

Mar. 16: KY Alpaca Association will be doing a shearing demonstration and some instruction on what you can do with the fiber harvest at the KY State Univ. Third Thursday Thing (FREE to the public)

Apr. 1: Alvina will be presenting to the Indiana Alpaca Association‘s Spring Fling

Apr. 6: We will be bringing the alpacas to Lexington! Join us at the Living Arts & Science Center 6-8 p.m.

Phew! And that’s just the beginning!

River Hill Ranch has been awarded the USDA Value Added Producer Grant to expand our meat production and develop our own fashion line! Another shout out to KCARD for suffering through the grant writing process with me! Our first pieces made of alpaca woven fabric, felt, leather, and fur with be released in a FASHION SHOW & Release Party!!! Stay tuned!!