We love sharing our animals with others! These cute, quirky, curious critters are fun for kids and adults alike. You can also shop our store filled with products from these amazing animals. Be sure to read to bottom of the page for things you should know for your visit. Click here for information on Field Trips!

Tours are offered at the following times. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED 24 hours in advance.

Thursday – Saturday:                     9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

                                                          12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

                                                           3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday:                                               3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Tours are $10/person. Children 2 & under are free. Minimum 2 paying visitors or $20. Field trips are welcome at a discounted rate.

Your visit includes an informal orientation to alpacas, fiber, and some up close and personal time with the herd.

We also provide private, personalized farm adventures! See below for some personalized tour suggestions; please let us know if we can tailor your time here to a particular activity or interest! Prices start at $20/person.

'Paca Craft
Play with fiber! Have a fun, tactile, craft experience designed for both kids and adults to take a memento home with you. Choose from an assortment of crafts such as a bird nesting ornament, a felted bead necklace, dryer balls, and felted soap.

'Paca Farm Hand
Want a real close and personal experience with these critters? Interested in potentially taking one home? Join us for Herd Health Day and learn what it takes to take care of alpacas. Be sure to schedule your visit at least a month out.

'Paca Picnic
When you make yourself shorter than the animals, they become more curious and will approach more readily. Enjoy a picnic in the beautiful countryside, interacting with the animals in the pasture.

Ladies Farm Night
Want Ladies Night with a farm twist? Let us supply the chairs and a campfire across from the baby pasture. Babies are especially active in the evenings, so enjoy their playful antics as the sky turns beautiful pinks and purples at sundown. Feel free to get some Christmas or birthday shopping done in our store (maybe a birthday present for yourself to wear sitting around the fire!)

Fiber Tasting
For the discerning fiber artist, bring your wheels, needles, hooks, and looms to treat yourself to our luxuriously soft Suri alpaca fiber. Your guide will explain the characteristics of Suri fiber and supply you with some tricks for a successful experience in creating your dream garment.

Having a Happy Visit:

the following for things you should know to make for a happy visit.

- Find directions here.
- There are no bathrooms in the barn. Please be sure to use the restroom before you come. There is a Shell station with public restrooms on US-25 at I-75 exit 95. Bathrooms are available in the house you are welcome to use if needed, but we try to minimize traffic in and out of our home.

- If you would like to enter the stall or pasture areas, bring shoes you can get poop on. While we do our best to keep everything scooped before your visit, guaranteed they will relieve themselves as soon as you arrive.
         ***Good idea: bring a plastic bag & a clean pair of shoes. Before you get back in your car, we canscrub/hose down your "barn" pair, put them in the bag, and you can wear your clean shoes home.

- Proper interaction with alpacas: Alpacas are prey animals, so certain actions startle them.
        Be sure to move slowly
        Keep your hands down at your side until your guide tells you otherwise. 
        Do not walk or stand immediately behind an alpaca (their feet are padded, so it doesn't hurt when they             kick, but it   will startle you & can be scary for small children).

        ***PARENTS: it is a good idea to go over these rules with your children before your visit. Once they arrive, they are sometimes too excited to hear us go over them.