Alpaca Grill Class


Alpaca Grill Class


We have two things that are grill game changers: alpaca meat + Salt Rox. Come learn how we grill simple, healthy, yet mouth watering meals using local ingredients. Participants will gather ingredients from the garden, learn tips to using both charcoal or a gas grill, learn the minimal prep work involved, and how to nail timing on the grill.

In this class, we will teach how to make:

Alpaca Bone-in Chops, Alpaca Strip Loin, Alpaca Tenderloin, Alpaca Sliders, and Alpaca Sausages. Sides will include Swiss Chard with Garlic, and fresh baked bread to dip in a secret concoction you’ll have to attend to learn how to make!

Water will be provided. Outside beverages are permitted.

Class size is limited to only 8 participants! Gates open at 3:30; class starts at 3:45.

Cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund. Cancellation within 48 hours will forfeit their registration fee.

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